Scandalous  (Teaser)

()……“You going to tell me your name?” 

       I could barely hear his voice over Fat Joes ‘All the way up’ blasting through the club speakers. The smell of tequila was strong on his breath, which is a real turn on for me. We been grinding on each other for 10 minutes now. Thats three songs to long, way pass my limit that I allow myself to back this ass up on a guy. The two top shelf strawberry long islands was talking to me now and they was saying ‘You better work him girl!’

       His hands was so strong as he moved them over every part of  my body as we danced to the beat. Combination of music, alcohol, and the Lethal Weapon in his pants thats been press up on my booty for 3 songs going on 4 now, I couldn’t stop my thoughts from wondering what his sex game was like. 

       “Mmm damn baby, you smell so good.” His full beard was tickling the back of my neck from his 6′ height body hoovering down over my only 5’3 but sexy and deadly frame. 

       My back still to him I threw my hand around his neck and brought his ear close to my lips, “How many times you going to ask me for my name?” 

       “As many as it takes until you give it up,” his hands was now on my hips and creeping up my Chanel mini skirt.

       I don’t know what the fuck he meant by that, but if he thinks I’m here tonight handing out free passes for just anyone to enter my sacred temple, or he thinks he look that damn good that these vicki secrets come rolling down then he’s bout to get a ego check. 

        I decided to let it go, I didn’t want a misunderstanding be the reason I loose my buzz. Besides I couldn’t blame him, the brothers was all on me tonight, but as they should. I was looking like a bottle of water to a person who went without a drink for days in the Arabian dessert, and Mr. Man was dying of thirst. 

       I peeped my girl Tiff in the middle of the party mobb crowd. Our eyes met and she wasted no time maneuvering her way around people so tipsy spilling their drinks, weaved around others capturing their night on Snap Chat, avoiding guys trying to hit on her, bumping pass others freak dancing. The look in her eye was letting me know she wasn’t happy with me drifting off from the girls. 

       I ended my dance with Mr.Man with no words, just a wink and a smile.

       “Damn still no name? You doing me like that?” His smile was so damn gorgeous. Good teeth is a good quality in a man, Even in the clubs dim lit lighting, you could still see his pearly whites. That was what attracted me to him the first four times we passed each other. He held on to my hand not wanting me to go. “What you like to drink? I got you”. 

       Tiff was still making her way through the thick crowd of people. 

        “Sorry babe, no thanks”

        “Hold up then, at least let a nigga get your number.”

        He dug his hand down into his jeans pocket, which was some Tru Religion brand name jeans, something else I noticed the 4 times we had passed each other. He pulled out his iPhone and tried to hand it to me. 

        The Dj voice came through the loud system, “Aww yea y’all! Remember we got a extra hour in this mutha fucka!! Daylight savings time!!” The crowd cheered, not ready to go no time soon, “Aw shit Fort Cain, lets go!!! New music. Drake! Views!”

      **Turned my birthday into a lifestyle**

       The whole club erupted, chanting along. Every intoxicated person, which was everyone, turnt up from 5 to 10 within seconds. The pack dance floor shifted and everyone moved in different directions. Girls was dancing their sexiest on platforms inside of open cages that towered over the dance floor. In they own world putting on a show for whoever was watching. Three different over packed VIP sections was in fleek mode. You would’ve thought Hype Williams himself was in here shooting a music video. 

    Someone smashed into the back of Mr.Man and caused him to drop the iphone while trying to hand it over to me to put my number in. 

        “Shit”, Mr.Man took to the floor in search for his phone.

       Good, I really didnt want to have to break the man heart. He was fine as hell, and he had me aroused in a way that I haven’t felt for months now. My well wasn’t dry anymore. I wanted to be touched, the feeling of wanting more than just a dance by the end of a night was starting creep up and take over. I had to stop myself before I let anything else happen that I knew I wasn’t ready for again.

     I slipped in between the wave of people squeezing they way pass us without him noticing I was even gone. I met Tiffany ass half way before she could even get close to us to throw hate on my game. I came at her first before she could even get a word out to avoid questions.

       “There you are, where is everybody?” I asked. Trying to play it off, “Y’all just up and left me.” 

       “Bitch don’t act like you was looking for us. I saw you from the other side of the club. You ain’t look lost.” She said, seeing right through my act. 

       “Where is everybody?” 

    “C’mon, lets go” she took my hand, “we’re over in the other bar”.

    Tiff pulled me along behind her leading me to the other side of the club where the others were. We took the back way around to the other side of the club. We  managed to avoid a few tipsy, overly confident brothers trying to get our attention on the way. Squeezing my hand, making sure I couldn’t slip away, we passed through another separate bar area where the pool tables and other gaming choices were. One corner of the room couples minded their own business playing games of corn hole. Next to the bar was guys testing thier man strength by taking turns putting money in a machine, and striking what looked like a medicine ball hanging down from the top of it, watching the points rack up with each blow. Game of darts was on another far side of the wall. Tables and chairs filled up a majority of this bar where people sat and rested to get off their feet. 

    It was a little bit more of an open area with better lighting than the club side. The music from the club was consumed on the other side of the see through glass door. People was able to converse better with one another. Guys was trying to run game on the girls and the girls was paying just enough attention to get a free drink out of em. 

    Not being able to have much of a night life over the last year, I could feel my legs ready to give out on me at any second. Thats what my ass get for going to hard with the drinks and dancing, trying to show out for Mr. Man and his Lethal Weapon. Not to mention I’m not a six inch heel type of girl, so these damn dogs were barking, or more like ready to be put down to sleep. 

    “Tiff hold up a second”, I said pulling back on her arm. “I have to sit down real quick”.

    “Oh, you not bout throw up are you.” She was looking at me with concern in her face. “We too far away from any bathroom for you to make it to in time.”

    “No, that’s not it. I just need to take a damn breather right quick.” I wrestled my hand free, “by the way you dragging me ain’t helping any either.” 

    “Well damn bitch, my bad.” She motioned over towards the bar, “you wanna stop and get another drink?” 

    I agreed and we went over and seated ourselves on two bar stools at the end of the bar. I knew I was at my limit with the drinking but I didn’t want to hear Tiff big mouth ass start yapping bout me tapping out so early in the night. I decided I would just babysit my drink for the time being. The bartender placed our drinks on some napkins infront of us. I pulled my debit card out with my ID from the inside of my bra and gave it to the full sleeve tattoo punk rock girl bartender. I could feel Tiff eyes staring before I even looked in her direction. 


    With the biggest cheese across her face she answered, “Don’t what me. You know what.”

    “Actually I don’t. I don’t know what be going on in that head of yours.” I laughed to myself. 

    “Yea ha ha,” I already knew where she was going, “So who was he?”

    “He who?”

    “Don’t play! The guy you kissing and grinding all up on. Who was that?” She leaned in close as if she was bout to find out some juicy gossip. 

    “First off I wasn’t kissing no one. Let’s get that straight. Second I don’t know who he was. I was looking for y’all and he ask me to dance. So I stopped looking and started dancing. You wanted me to have fun tonight didn’t you?” I took a small sip from my drink.

    “I saw y’all exchange numbers” 

    I had to laugh to myself for the way she was really forcing the issue. 

    I responded, “Sorry boo, we didn’t exchange numbers either. I told you it was just a dance. You know I’m not giving my number out to just anyone.”

    The look on her face was saying she wasn’t believing a word that was coming out of my mouth. 

    “Yea well we both know that its no point for you to be getting involved with anyone anyways.” She took a sip from her drink, “all your going to do is just drop him whenever James come crawling back around.”

    Instantly I turned hot. I saw red all over. It felt like someone hit the pause button and faces stopped and was looking at me, waiting for my reaction. One name took me back. Back to a unhappy place. How could a name have so much power over a person. 

    I snapped out of it. “Ha, please. Girl don’t even mention that clown to me.” I hid my emotions.

    “Uh huh, James know who’s pussy that is.” She did a slow grind in her chair.

    I simply replied with a, “Bye Felicia!” 

    I was ready to meet up with the others. I wasn’t restless no more. I needed to keep moving. I had to keep the high that I was on that Mr.Man put me on not to long ago. 

    I hopped up ready, tugged my mini down to make sure no one got a peek at these cheeks. Grabbed my drink and asked, “you ready?” 

    Tiff eyes was at the door. “Speak of the devil, there go O and his boys over there. They just walked in from the club.”

    “Oh shit!” I sat back down quickly hoping not to be seen. Not looking back I asked her, “You see James? Is he with them?” 

    “Damn calm down. Give me a chance to look.” After a second of looking around she shook her head, “Nope no James. They all over at the pooltables now. I don’t see him. Maybe he still in the club area. He probably talking to some thot or something.”

    My red just turned into green.

    “Who you waiving at?”

    “Orian, he coming this way.”

    I put my head in my hand, “Oh lord, not O.”

    Tiff smiled and licked her lips, “Damn he so sexy and look at him, he knows it too.”

    “I can’t stand O”

    “You always talking like you really hate the dude. He was always over at your crib.”

    “Yea he was over there for James” I corrected her, “He’s too coincided. It annoys me.”

    “Well every girl I talked to that he messed around with said he has a big dick to be a light skin brother. So I guess he has the right to be.” She had to laugh at her own joke. I just rolled my eyes. 

    O was all smiles on his way over. He walked with confidence in each step. A ego that got bigger and bigger each time a pair of eyes stopped on him as he moved. A walk that said he owned the room and every body in it. Our eyes met halfway. Black Levi pants, strip shirt with a pair of Yeezey’s on his feet, as always he had to be the best dressed in the room. 

    “Whaaat! What you doing out the house tonight. You don’t never get out the house.” He said to me with the smile on his face still.

    “Explains how much you really know bout me then.”

    With eyes still on me he let out a laugh,”Oh I know enough”

    “Hi to you too O” Tiff said with a attitude. She didn’t like not being acknowledge.

    O hit her with a smooth head nod and hug. “My bad Tiff. Wud up?”

    Unsatisfied but still satisfied at the same time she replied “Nothing, we just chilling. We about to go over on the Pierre’s side where the girls are at.”

    One arm over Tiff and eyes on me, “Oh yea. So you all up in here tonight huh?”

    His stare always so deep. Like a story was being told without having to use any words. He knew that I knew that we both knew the details of that story.

    Keeping eye contact away from him, I sipped some more of my drink. With the devils energy in me, my mind went to him.

    “So where’s your boy James? I don’t see him over there with the rest of y’all. Is he here with you.” I hated myself for asking but I think the  liquor in me wanted to know more than I did. 

    His face shifted, looked more stone cold. With a simple shoulder shrug and simple answer he said, “Naw. Who knows where he is.” His lips curled into a sneaky grin, ” I thought y’all was on good terms since I haven’t heard from him in couple days. You know how he gets.” The tone of his voice, he had a double meaning in his choice of words.

    Green back to red again.

    “So what y’all doing after the club?” Tiff asked him.

    “I don’t know bout all them,” he pointed towards the guys at the pooltables, “but what I’m doing depends on you.

    Now definitely satisfied with a ridiculous smile on her face, Tiff flirted back, “Oh yea. Depends on me huh? What that mean?”

    “That means you looking real thick in that dress and I’m liking it.”

    Tiff did a little half circle dance “Oh you like. Well, I mean, if you trying to see  more thats all on you.”

    All I could do was roll my eyes. I made a mental note to myself to get my damn dress back from her tomorrow before she claimed it.

    “Whats your number?” He asked her with his phone in his hand. Eyes going back and forth from on me to the phone.

    “Wait, you don’t already have my number in your phone. I gave it to you before. Which you never used I see.”

    During their debate, I look up just in time to see Mr. Man coming out from one of the back bathrooms. He saw me from a distance and we traded smiles. He sat down at a empty table and waived for me to come join him.

    At that moment I thought about James. I didnt want to. Hated that i did. Wondering where he was and what he was doing at this very instant. O didn’t try to hide the option of where he really could be. He knew it bother me and it did.

    Fuck James I thought to myself. I told the punk rock girl to make me a Pineapple and Patron drink. She made my drink. I Paid for it out the cleavage again and got up from my seat. 

    “Um where do you think your going?” Tiff asked.

    All I said was,”I see something interesting.” 

    I moved pass the two of them and walked around to the back table where Mr. Man was sitting waiting on me to join him. 

    I knew O eyes was following me. I didn’t care if he went back and told James he saw me with anoher man. Fuck O and his little games I know he was playing and definitely fuck James. Wherever he was. 

    I accompanied Mr.Man at his table. Gave him his drink and with a little, if you act right you might can get some of this tonight, in my voice I said, “My name is Nicole”. 

      After a few seconds I noticed Something was different, the vibe wasn’t the same. I had to do a double take back at him. “What? Whats the matter? What are you looking at?” 

      He was blank. All the swagger he had just a little bit ago was no where in sight on his face. His body was stiff, jaws tight. He wasn’t even looking at me. His attention was somewhere pass me on something else. It made me have to look back and make sure that a crazy motherfuckah hadn’t  snuck a gun in club or something . Which has happened in the past once or twice I might add.

      “Is that your boyfriend right there?”

      I turned to see,”who?”

      “The dude at the bar right there. Talking to your friend. With the strip shirt on. Yo boyfriend?”

      I turned back,”Oh O, naw thats not my boyfriend. He friends with my…. well he’s not my boyfriend. Oh god hell no.”

      “I think I know him.”

      “Probably, everybody know his ass. Everybody acts like he some hood celebrity or something. But don’t worry he aint nobody to me.”

      “His name Orian, right?”

      “Yea, why you so worried about him. He acts likes everybody scared of em but he’s not really that tough. I been knowing him since grade school trust me I know.”

      I wasn’t liking the direction this was going. For him not to have his full attention on me after buying him a drink and looking this damn good. It felt a little insulting, especially because its over O.

      Mr. Man took my hand and slid a piece of folded up paper to me. “Call me” was all he said still not looking my way.

      He grabbed his drink and got up from the table. Even his walk was different now, very harsh. You wouldn’t of even been able to tell he was drinking tonight by the way he moved now. He left without saying anything else. He didn’t even try to feel me up or anything like he was doing before. Hell not even a thank you for the drink.

      I opened up the piece of folded paper and read what was inside.

      Don’t forget 1-800-672-9064

      A damn one eight hundred number! What the hell was this. Is he trying to play me. I put the number in my cleavage. What type of number was this? Was this nigga a undercover bill collector or something. The Long Island had me not thinking straight, to hard to focus on what it meant. How rude for someone to go out they way to write down a number on a damn piece of paper intentionally for me and when he finally gets his chance, he acts like a total dick. Plus who writes numbers down on paper any more. Its 2016, he could of at least found me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or something and sent me a DM.  

      Now even more mad than before i sat down. I pulled out my phone. I gave in to my anger and the devils liquid that had me not thinking straight. I couldn’t hold back, I sent James a text. 

      Really dude! Two weeks!! Two whole fucking weeks without a call. You a straight up B.I.T.C.H. Like i was in the wrong. What you hiding now, you scared to face your problems like a man. I bet you with that hoe right now. Tell her she can keep your DIRTY DICK, trifling azz.. What, you don’t think i got niggas out here wanting me too. I tired of trying to be the one to hold you down while you just go out and do whatever you want… oh this that LuV you was talking bout huh.. Bitch… Fuck you… best believe i got some dick set up for tonight… bye bye, have a nice life ✌. P.s all your shit will be out in the yard for you in the morning…. go stay with that hoe.

      I hit the send button. I finally took a breath. I felt accomplished. Hurt that I had to be the one to give in first. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. 

      Out of nowhere I heard the sound of  glass breaking and a female loud scream and banging of tables and chairs being knocked over. I hurried to my feet trying to focus and be alert. People was running in every direction. I saw Tiff knocked to the ground, a table flipped over on top of her. Not knowing what the hell was going on, I kicked off my heels was ready to go defend my girl and throw hands. It seemed like out of nowhere crowds of people was now all in the bar in the middle of whatever was happing. With the bar area packed now, the guys from the pooltables was jumping on top of other tables staggering to get to the bar. The bartender was yelling for security. Trying to push my way through what was now a chaotic crowd. I didn’t even see it coming. A sharp pain out of nowhere hit me at the tip of my nose all of a sudden, then all i could see was  black. I dropped to my knees.


      “Whats up now bitch!”

      “Everybody out! Everybody out!” 

      Security was pushing through the crowd.I didn’t know what the fuck was going on. Vision coming back, but the room spinning now and what felt like sweat dripping in my eyes. I could see between people moving and pushing, Tiff was throwing punches on some guy while she was still laid out. O was down on one knee blood flowing from top of his head swinging hands, trading blows with Mr. Man who had a broken glass in hand, the drink I had just bought him a second ago. Security held on to the hand with the broken glass, trying his best to apprehend Mr. Man from taking another swing with the glass towards O. One of the guys that was with O at the pooltables jumped over the crowd, on top of the bar and landed on the security and Mr.Man. More fist being thrown. O back on feet engaged back into the battle. He was throwing power punches faster than E.Honda from Street Fighter. 

      Head still aching I knew I had to do something  …..()